Startup Next will help set your team apart when applying to accelerators or pitching to investors.

Startup Next is something unique. It's an opportunity to transform your startup. It's for a select group of committed founders who want to take their startup to the next level. Not every team will end the program and get immediately into an accelerator or secure funding, but every team will learn valuable lessons to help continue growing the startup.

What Happens at Startup Next?

Startup Next is an intensive five-week program that gives your team the tools and mentorship needed to navigate the early stages of building a startup.

Startups accepted into the program will attend a 3-hour session once a week for five weeks. Through a structured approach of group discussions, mentor sessions and pre-work deliverables, teams walk away with the skills needed to validate their business ideas, a customer development strategy, a completed market and competitive analysis, a minimum viable product (MVP), and an investor-ready pitch deck.

Following the program, Startup Next teams that have demonstrated their readiness and progress will have access to a number of value-added resources from the Startup Next global team.

Startup Next is part of UP Global, which is a Washington State 501c(3) focused on building entrepreneurial communities across the world. Startup Next is backed by Google for Entrepreneurs, Techstars, Global Accelerator Network, and Startup Weekend.


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