Our 5 week program gets results.

Startup Next is the #1 pre-acceleration program in the world.

Whether you want to get accepted into a top accelerator or raise a seed round, we will help you get focused on what matters to reach that goal. By mentoring your team and providing investor or accelerator introductions, your startup will be ready for that next step.

  • 47

    Startups Accepted into Accelerators after Next

  • $26.2M

    Funding Raised by Teams after Next

  • 70+

    Number of Accelerators and Investor Partners

  • 200

    Mentors Engaged

Program and Session Breakdown

The Startup Next program happens in five weekly in-person sessions. These three hour mandatory evening sessions are broken down like this:

  • Hour 1

    Hour 1

    Learn from founders and industry experts about their experiences growing a company.

  • Hour 2

    Hour 2

    Present your elevator pitch and weekly progress to a panel of mentors and receive critical feedback from the group.

  • Hour 3

    Hour 3

    Get matched up with mentors to dig deeper into your product or strategic challenges.

Weekly Topics

During the program, mentors or domain experts will present their experiences on the important aspects of building a startup

  • Orientation

    Orientation Setting Expectations

  • Session 3

    Session 3 Product-Market Fit

  • Session 1

    Session 1 Customer Development

  • Session 4

    Session 4 Market Sizing & Business Models

  • Session 2

    Session 2 Pitching

  • Session 5

    Session 5 Funding

What happens after Startup Next?

Startup Next doesn't just end when the program concludes. As an alumni of the Startup Next program, we want to roll up our sleeve's and dig in to help you hit your next milestones. We will directly help our alumni in two ways.

  • Silicon Valley Trip

    Silicon Valley Trip

    The top Startup Next teams will be nominated, judged, and selected following the program to participate in a multi-day experience in Silicon Valley. Trip includes: pitching investors and learning from the top founders in the Valley on how to build startups.


  • Accelerator and Investor Introductions

    Accelerator and Investor Introductions

    Startups who are recognized as 'investor-ready' will get access to introductions from Startup Next to a network of accelerators and investors who have partnered with us in search of quality deal flow.